What should I look for when buying a watercraft?

John Nelson - Monday, January 21, 2019
What should I look for when buying a watercraft?

Purchasing a watercraft is just like getting a new car- all the manufacturing companies are offering new features, improvised designs and with a competitive set of features. According to your requirements and budget, there are several options available in the market, but all the options are not suitable. In such circumstances, a consumer wishes to have a conventional way through which they can easily decide where to invest their amount.

The engine, power, model, manufacturer`s reputation and key features are few things people cross check before purchasing a watercraft but forget to focus on other few important things some of these are mentioned below.


The Rules Of Your State

Just like there are certain rules to drive a vehicle over the roads, there are few restrictions and regulations for watercraft as well. Some of the rules vary from state to state or from country to country. If your watercraft`s specifications are not up to the defined marks, you cannot enjoy freedom and resale value of your PWC will cut down automatically. To encounter these problems research the pre-defined watercraft rules and buy your vessel accordingly.

Additional Expenses

Consider the fact that machines need constant attention and maintenance, and watercraft comes with a long list of additional expenses like fuel, maintenance, yearly paint job, insurance, docking/marina fees, storage place charges, cleaning expenses etc. While selecting a water vessel, make sure that the model chosen will not maximise these expenses.

Insurance Policy

Insurance companies never offer a package that covers every concern or damage of a watercraft. Your policy plan is dependent on the factors like manufacturing year, model, a manufacturing company, current value, engine type and safety considerations. For example, insurance companies will consider supercharged jet ski more valuable than non-supercharged. Similarly, Polaris, Honda or Tigershark manufacturing companies were popular for Jet skis a few years back, but not insurance companies benefit Kawasaki or Yamaha models more than others.

Insurance company policies can give you great reimbursements only if the watercraft fits their ranking charts otherwise you have to bare time to time expenses on your own.

Used Watercrafts

For used watercrafts everyone checks for cracks, and engine but it is essential to check how the owner use to keep the watercraft. The crafts which had been used for rental rides are not a good idea as multiple users have tried their skills over it.

In case the vessel owner does not use Jet Ski lift or boat lift, and the watercraft stand in water for long say “NO” for such a machine. PWCs standing in water throughout are weak as their body becomes weak, and the corrosion process is fast. Cleverly indulge the owner into a discussion in finding whether the craft stays in water or over the lift. You can ask to talk about difference Electric Jet Ski Lift or Floating Jet Ski lift.

Hopefully, you will consider the above-mentioned points before purchasing a watercraft to stay away from future hassles.